s○try of Finance (M■OF). "Now, th〓e government w●ill give farmers● this benefit ○to improve t●heir quality ○of life and○ to stimulate slugg■ish rural co●nsumption," said Ze〓ng. The government■ expand

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ed t■he scheme to 1〓4 provinces, a●utonomous ■regions and munic◆ipalities ○and included was●hing machines capped● at 2,000 yuan in〓 December 2008. Cove◆ring 53 percent of◆ the rural popul■ation, the scheme w〓ill

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J●ING, Feb. 1 (Xinhu○a)

uary 1, China● furthered ■the scheme◆ throughout t〓he country t●o benefit all ru○ral people and adde〓d

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four mor◆e products: motorcyc○les, personal comp■uters, wate●r heaters and air ●conditione●rs. Local gov

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ernment■s could choose two◆ of them ac■cording to demand.● Related stories◆:The subsidiz■ed househol●d

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